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What makes your content "high quality" compared to other web development companies?

A lot of web development companies use out the box and slow templates. These often get neglected, are packed full of heavy, unused files and like to surprise you by crashing your site when essential updates take place.

As a freelance Webflow Developer and Professional Partner, I use Webflow. A fast, modern and adaptive tool which enables me to make leading platforms. Each design gets made to your unique specification with fast, clean code, world-class hosting and high quality photo, video and animation implementation.

How does your website design process cater to creating professional websites for small businesses?

Flexibility, fluidity, cost-efficiency and scalability.

Nobody wants to waste time, and for this reason I take my time to listen to you, listen to your needs and understand what is important to you. With this I'm able to hit the mark from the first draft and create web designs that create solutions right away.
I'm flexible, and believe this creates peace of mind when deciding to get a website byHarry. I understand that as a small business, you may not have a dedicated team ready to contact me in business hours and that you may only have time after hours when you've finished trading for the day.
As a heavyweight creative I'm often, scribbling, drawing, creating, solving problems and making at all hours. I'm here when you need me.

My pricing is set to be attainable by most. I'm happy to discuss if you have any questions or doubts.

Can you describe the web development services you offer and how they support our business model?

I offer 3 web development services at a sensible price range and SEO Strategy services which vary depending on market.
With web development, I understand the need to track KPI's, generate leads and woo investors - I've been there. So not only do I build breath-taking websites, I setup and provide the tools to be able to track your metrics for the future.
For SEO Strategies, I'm ready to work as aggressively or as passively as wanted in order to get your business seen online.

Why should I choose byharry for webflow development over freelance web designers near me?

You may be lucky, there may be a great web developer or web agency near you. And that's great! You can meet up for a coffee to discuss progress and visit their offices to hand over assets and copy.
But the reality is that's not necessary. Everything is handled online, that's why you need a website, right?
By casting your search area further you're not handicapping yourself by only working with people physically near by, you're able to look further and get a greater service.

How do you ensure that the web pages you develop contribute to a positive brand experience?

Having made and been involved in a number of businesses and startups, I understand that a business is someones baby - and it's my job to help it grow and be confident in it's identity.
I work closely to a brands guidelines and identity documents in order to create a positive brand experience. If these don't exist, I offer a Brand Guideline service and produce brand documents for your business, making sure the brand identity is reinforced throughout.

Brand experience isn't just how something looks, it's also how it feels. My websites are build with User Experience at the forefront. Making every button, animation and transition smooth and sensible to help the user on their journey.

How do you incorporate the latest web development technologies into your services?

I keep up to date with emerging technologies by being an active member of the web design community. By combining my curiosity and talent I find myself creating unique user experiences and sometimes even assets that people dont notice. Whether it's spline, lottie animations, custom js or understanding modern social media trends, I keep up to date with technology to create unique user experiences.

How do freelance website designers like you stay current with the latest web design trends?

I'm a passionate designer and an active member of the web design community. I have the background and pedigree of a heavyweight creative mixed with a deep understanding of technology. For this I'm an avid participant in web design forums and message boards, I stay up to date with trending designs on social media and I like to combine my curiosity for design with my talent to create new trends that quickly catch on.

What is your approach to developing a business website that stands out in search engine results?

From on-page SEO to off-page, it all starts with discovery.
Finding out who are your competitors, what are your keywords, your USP and your market. I take your info and generate SEO rich copy to be used in your website.
This, combined with correct page structure, technical layouts and fast, lightweight code ensures you get seen.

Want to get a bit more aggressive on your SEO standings? Let me know.

What management systems do you recommend for a business looking to improve its online presence?

If it's free software you're after, Google offer a whole suite of tools such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Lighthouse results that help you gather foundational information about where you are online.
With social media, the Meta Business suite offers a good range tools to help you schedule posts and create content that will reach a wider audience online.

If you're willing to pay the high prices, tools such as Moz, SemRush and SEOptimiser offer great cools to help manage your online presence.

What is your strategy for developing websites that are both user-friendly and optimiSed for search engines?

This is a question that many people think is one or the other, when in fact it's quite the contrary. SEO uses complex algorithms to mimic human behaviour in order to guess what we as users may like to see. If you build a website that is truly user friendly you will more than likely be ranked high in your SEO.
Of course, there are times where we need to display information on a website which is user friendly but not optimal for SEO. Here we deploy alternative tactics in order rank higher.
But of course, this is just a FAQ section. If you want to find out more, get in touch.

What advice do you have for businesses looking to create an effective marketing or advertising website?

Know. Your. Audience.
You need to know your audience better than they know themselves. You need to learn their browsing habits, what assets they connect with, what colours they like, what products they use - the more the better.
Many people don't realise what they like and what they react too. For example, do you think the red notification icon on your phones apps are a coinsidence or that the "pull down to refresh" feature on social media apps feels like a slot machine pull? These are all created based on audience information. The more you know about them, the better.

Can you provide examples of business development websites you've worked on that demonstrate your expertise?

Yes, check out Kingsley Devon for everything SEO strategy and marketing. And take a look at my projects for everything else!
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