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Product Designer

Building brands, products and identities

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A message from Harry, to you saying "Hey! 👋🏼 websites live and wondering whether you could take a look, let us know any feedback you may have, and we'll get it sorted. Have a great day! H"

You'll be amazed at what we can do

Specialising in investment and business management, a website by Harry provides peace of mind when deciding how to design and build  your new site.
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Uniquely you: Each of your designs will be tailored to your individual brand, needs and wishes
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Unlimited requests: Make as many design requests and revisions as you want
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Supafast: Fast and reliable hosting with AWS, 99.9% uptime!
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Top quality sites: Breathtakingly beautiful sites, and they’re all yours
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Crystal clear pricing: Easy finances. Pay the price you were quoted, no hidden fees
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Flexible and honest: Easily discuss your pricing options with me. I’m happy to chat

Latest projects

Website pricing

The 2-Week Webflow Whirlwind

Need a killer website yesterday? Buckle up! In just two weeks, I'll take you from zero to digital hero—no fuss, all fun.
This includes...
Fixed price - no surprises
Stunning 4 page site
Choice of designs
Website in your own account
Clean, responsive CSS
Startup SEO
1 month free aftercare
Sprinkle on some extras
Brand kit
Source files
On call after care
Photo and video optimisation
Domain setup
Custom mailbox
Get started

Ready to Roll: XD/Figma → Webflow

Got a dazzling design in Figma or XD that's just itching to come alive? Hand over those pixels and watch me turn them into a living, breathing Webflow masterpiece.
This includes...
All features in The 2-Week Webflow Whirlwind
Your designs made real in Webflow
Team training
Figma collaboration
Pricing to fit your budget
Clear and kind communication
Get started

The Double Whammy: Design & Build

Why settle for just a designer or just a developer when you can have a two-in-one powerhouse? From pixel-perfect designs to Webflow wizardry, I've got you covered from concept to launch.
This includes...
All features in The 2-Week Webflow Whirlwind
Custom graphics and imagery
As many revisions as needed
Team training
Figma collaboration
Pricing to fit your budget
Get started

What do you need?

Event banners
Brand guides
Pitch decks
Business cards
Digital ads
Logos & branding
Email graphics
Deck slides
Blog graphics
Social media graphics
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